Probing the Local Structure of Layered Double Hydroxide Electrocatalysts

NiFe-based hydroxide and oxyhydroxide electrocatalysts are among the best reported electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction. The fundamental role of Fe in this catalyst remains controversial. The Skrabalak group is using their expertise in solid-state synthesis to prepare these materials and studying how the local structure influences their properties for electrocatalysis. This work involves neutron diffraction measurements with collaborators at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In addition to these studies of layered double hydroxide materials, we are also applying synchrotron scattering methods to study the local structure of oxynitride photocatalysts and the ordering processes associated in the conversion of random alloys to intermetallics.

Funding provided by NSF-DMR (2016-2019) for "Spray Synthesis of Shape-Defined Nanocrystals".

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