2008-2013 Photo Galleries

The Group gets goofy on a nice day

Graduation 2013: Congrats to Amanda, Matthew and Adam

Graduate student Nancy Ortiz accepts her 2013 Distinguished Graduate Student Award sponsored by the Latino Faculty and Staff Council

Graduate student Nancy Ortiz participates in the GREET symposium and lunch at ACS NOLA

Celebrating Professor Younan Xia's Award in the Chemistry of Materials at ACS NOLA

Mariana's last day in the Skrablab at Max's

Graduate student Chris DeSantis and Professor Skrabalak are voted King and Queen of the Inorganic Area's Mardi Gras Party -Hah!

Graduate student Nancy Ortiz and Professor Skrabalak conduct their first set of experiments at the APS

Graduate student Amanda Peterson Mann is now Dr. Amanda Peterson Mann!

Professor Skrabalak visits graduate student Nancy Ortiz in New Zealand as part of the ACS Greet Program

Graduate Student Moitree Lasker passes qualifying exam

Graduate Student Nancy Ortiz visits Korea and the Hyeon Laboratory at Seoul National as part of an IU-AGEP-SKKU Professional Development Workshop

Graduate Student Chris DeSantis Passes Qualifying Exam

Closing ceremony of Tsinghua-Indiana University Research Exchange Program 2011

Skrablab Canoe Trip 2011

Graduate Students Nancy Ortiz and Bill Bowers celebrate their birthdays

Graduate Student Nancy Ortiz Networks at National ACS Meeting in Anaheim

Closing ceremony of Tsinghua - Indiana University Research Exchange Program

The Women in Science Program's Research Conference 2010

Celebrating Amanda's Completion of the 5th Semester Exam

Some of our toys; aka, instruments

Skrablab Members Attend the WIChem Family Picnic Summer 2009

Skrablab and Friends Celebrate Summer at an Indian's Game

Kun Ha Park Starts the Skrablab 1 Year Celebration

Skrablab Members Attend the WIChem Social Event at Butler Winery

IU in the Early Winter

Holiday Party for the New Labs - December 2008 The Aron, Carlson, Tait, Cook, Dann, and Skrabalak Labs celebrate

The Lab Gets Occupied - Fall 2008 My office gets messy!

Amanda, Kun ha, and Nancy hard at work

The students in their office

Arrival Day - August 1, 2008

Prospective Graduate Students

We seek 1-3 graduate students per year. All prospective students must apply directly to the program (link). Upon arrival at IU, students rotate in research groups and advisors are finalized then. Given the number of emails received, individual inquiries will likely go unanswered but you are encouraged to learn more through our website.

Undergraduate Research

Research opportunities available for undergraduates! Inquire via email. Include your resume, list of science courses completed, and gpa. Also, check out our Science Ambassadors' Program.

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